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Bone Dry Concrete Sealer Reviews 2023

Concrete in residential and commercial areas faces daily challenges such as water penetration, harsh chemicals, spills, UV rays, deicing, wear & tear, and many other elements that damage it. As a result of these elements, the concrete ends up cracking and deteriorating as time goes by. But with a reliable and high-performing Concrete sealer like the Bone dry concrete sealer, you’ll be in a position to maintain your concrete surface for a very long period of time.

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Bone dry concrete sealer is an amazing brand with various products to offer. The concrete sealers provided by this brand are slightly cheaper than most brands but still offer great performance. They have low odor, are non-toxic, and have a quick drying time. Moreover, the sealers are easy to apply and can be coated indoors and outdoors.

Our Recommend Top 2 Bone Dry Concrete Sealer Comparison Table:

ImagesBone Dry Concrete SealerPrice Idea
Check PriceBone Dry Original 5 Gal.
Read Review
Check PriceBone Dry Products BONE84649 Original Penetrating Concrete Floor Sealer, 1 gallon
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Quick Overview: Bone Dry Concrete Sealer

Brand Origin: USA
Owner: James K. Gourley Jr.
Made In: America
Apply With: Airless backpack sprayer, brush, roller
Minimum Temperature: 4°C
Maximum Temperature: 32°C
Recommended Temperature: 25-28°C
Dry Time: 24 hours
Compatible with: Skim coatings & adhesives
Mold Protection: Yes
Applied on a coated surface: No (You have to uncoat first!)
Surface type: Both vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces
For CMU Walls: USe Bone Dry Primer
Non-Toxic: Yes
Interior Use: Yes
Phone: 262-694-9748
Address: 9009 58th Place Kenosha, WI 53144, USA

Below are some of their outstanding products on the market.

Bone Dry Original 5 Gal Sealer Review

Are you tired of water seeping into your concrete and destroying your concrete? Use a Bone dry concrete sealer to prevent water from penetrating and moisture from emitting below the ground. The sealer also works by preventing water vapor from reaching the concrete surface, which later causes cracks and supports the development of mold and mildew.

The Bone dry concrete sealer is favorably priced but performs great. All you need is to apply it appropriately for you to get excellent results. One gallon container covers 220 square feet. So, you will cover a huge area with less sealer. Additionally, the sealer is very easy to apply, non-toxic, and has a low odor. Simply use a sprayer or roller to coat your concrete garage, paver, driveway, or patio. It will dry after just a few minutes.

Pack Size:  5 Gallon
Compatible Material:  Concrete
Waterproof:  Yes
Covered Surface:  220 Square Feet/Gallon
Material: Sealer
Price:  Check Price


  • It gets rid of moisture from below the surface
  • It protects flooring
  • This Bone Dry sealer prevents dusting
  • It perfectly seals concrete and forms a barrier below the surface
  • It is easy to apply and dries faster
  • This covers a wide area; thus, it is economical


  • It becomes slippery when wet. So not suitable for pool deck application.
  • It produces a strong smell and should not be applied to the skin. Wear the necessary protective gear when applying.

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Bone Dry Products BONE84649 Penetrating Concrete Sealer

Regardless of being offered at a great price, the Bone dry penetrating sealer will protect your concrete surface from damage due to UV rays, chemicals, deicing, dusting, and thaw/freeze cycles. The concrete sealer functions by forming a barrier below the surface, thus preventing moisture from emerging from below. This, in turn, keeps away the harsh elements that deteriorate the concrete, and it ends up lasting for longer. The bone-dry penetrating sealer is suitable for applying before installing VCT, carpet, LVT, Sheet vinyl, or wood flooring.

Even though the product is non-toxic, it should be handled with great care as it produces a strong smell, and it shouldn’t get in touch with the skin. The sealer is also easy to apply and takes little time to dry. When properly utilized, this concrete sealer will protect the concrete surface from dusting, deicing salts, moisture, mold, and mildew growth and protect thaw or freeze cycles. On top of that, it has a low odor, and it covers a very wide area when compared to other sealers.
Check Price


  • It is very easy to apply
  • It permanently waterproofs the concrete
  • Low odor
  • It dries quickly
  • The sealer is slightly affordable when compared to other brands
  • It prolongs the life of concrete
  • It prevents mold and mildew from developing on the concrete


  • The product should be used with care as inhalation of too much of it could be harmful, and it should not get in contact with the skin.
  • It is slippery on wet concrete surfaces


If you’ve been looking for a favorably priced but quality concrete sealer for your driveway, patio, basement, garage, sidewalk, or paver, Bode dry is a great choice. As we have discussed, Bone dry is a quality sealer that is very easy to apply, dries fast, has low odor, and it is non-toxic. No matter the type of Bone dry sealer that you choose, you will always be happy with the results as it is very long-lasting. The barrier created by the sealer will prevent elements from deteriorating your concrete surface.


Q. What is the ideal temperature for applying Bone dry concrete sealer?
Ans. Bone dry should be put on a clean, damp concrete surface with temperatures ranging from 40 degrees up to 90 degrees. If the temperature is below or above, the sealer should not be applied.

Q. How is Bone dry applied?
Ans. If it is a large area, it is recommended that you use a low-pressure airless backpack spray. For medium-sized tasks, use a normal hand-pumped garden spray. While for small areas, a roller or brush is good for use.



  1. What do you recommend for cleaning my garage floor that is stained from automotive work?
    Can Bone Dry be applied in sections.


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