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Asphalt vs. Recycled Asphalt Driveway Sealer Comparison

Asphalt is a very common material to us, especially for those who are engaged with road building construction. Every time you walk through the road will also remind you about it. It is the most common material in the construction of the driveway. Asphalt has various types.

Recycled asphalt is one of the different types that are produced in different ways. The user should be able to differentiate between the two for the best idea. Many times, people also get confused about whether they will use original asphalt or recycled asphalt. Our comparative discussion about the two types of materials will help them clear their confusion. Let’s discuss.


New Asphalt vs. Recycled Asphalt: Which Driveway Sealer is Good?

On the basis of the production 

Asphalt is a material commonly known as bitumen in the world and is used in the installation of driveways. This material is liquid and looks black and sticky. It is made by aggregating the stone, gravel, and sand bound with asphalt cement.

On the other hand, recycled asphalt is also well known as reclaimed pavement (RAP). It is mostly made with reusable things or things which are waste. Especially plastic materials from the sea are used to make recycled asphalt.

On the basis of the effect on the environment

As environment-friendly people, we must always consider our environmental interests. The asphalt is made in the way and used is harmful to the environment. It is marked as one of the factors that have been causing air pollution.

On the other hand, using recycled asphalt, which is produced in such a way, is not as harmful as the original asphalt. The use of waste material in the production of recycled asphalt minimizes the amount of waste in our surroundings.

On the basis of the cost

The original asphalt is more costly than recycled asphalt. The production of the original asphalt is so expensive. It needs more manpower, whereas the production of recycled asphalt is comparatively less expensive and does not need as much manpower as the production of asphalt.

On the basis of bonding capacity and percolation

The bonding capacity of the recycled asphalt is better than that of the original asphalt.

The recycled asphalt is more efficient at facing percolation due to the heavy rainfall and snowfall than the original asphalt. So for these reasons, recycled asphalt is more viable.

On the basis of the cracking and rutting

The original asphalt is prone to cracking. In opposition, there is less possibility of cracking the driveway made using recycled asphalt.

Usually, the road made with the use of the original asphalt is seen as rutted, and adversely the recycled asphalt-made roads are rutted comparatively less than the others.

On the basis of the maintenance

In consideration of the view of the road, you have to vote for the road made of recycled asphalt.

As we have mentioned, the road made with the original asphalt is prone to cracks and rut, so a regular check is a common duty in the maintenance of the roads. So, in this case, the maintenance tasks are more than the rods made with recycled asphalt.

Color Options

The beauty of things is dependent on the choices of the people. Though some homeowners prefer recycled asphalt, the rest of the homeowners do not like it. They like the non-recycled asphalt to use in their driveway.

In consideration of the quality

In almost all cases, the quality of recycled asphalt is good enough, but it depends on the process of making it. You must know about the production process of recycled asphalt before buying it. On the other hand, the quality of the non-recycled asphalt, especially the original asphalt, is beyond controversy.

Bottom Lines

In the above, we have discussed the INS and OUT about recycled asphalt and asphalt. Before buying asphalt, you have to consider the cost, sustainability, maintenance, and adaptability to the weather. Finally, the decision of whether to buy the asphalt or recycle it is up to you.


  • What are the two types of asphalt?

Hot Asphalt and MC Cold Mix are the two main types of asphalt.

  • What is the best quality asphalt for a driveway?

Hot mix asphalt is regarded as an option in consideration of the quality of the driveway.

  • Is recycled asphalt stronger?

Yes, recycled asphalt is stronger because, as recycled materials, many mineral fillers and organic fibers are used in its production.


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