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How to apply paver sealer with a roller?

Just building your driveway is not the end of your job but increasing your duty. After installing the driveway, the rest of your duty is regular maintenance of it. It will shine and stay strong as long as you keep it smooth with proper maintenance. The maintenance should be done in the proper way. For proper maintenance, it is necessary to apply paver sealer perfectly.


What methods can you apply?

The sealing of the pavement is one of the most common maintenance tasks for the driveway. There are two ways of sealing the surface of the pavement. The first one is sealing the pavement with the spray, and the second one is sealing the pavement with the roller. The last one is a common way, which is always seen everywhere.

Here we will discuss how to seal the pavement with the help of the roller. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Things to do before sealing

The driveway is whatever is made of brick, rock, or stone; the surface of it should be sealed.

Your first task is to choose the best seller on the market. Never use the expired sealer, which will not work at all.

Wash the entire pavement, as no dust can stay on it. Any debris and dust on the pavement may hinder the sealing work. Be sure that there are sands between the brick and stone but not on the surface. First, clean the pavement using the broom and then wash it. If any spot stays on the pavement that is from the oil or any liquid material, then if necessary, use hot water and dish soap and then rub the spot. Washing with a power washer is the best option.

If any part of the pavement is cracked, you should level it because the sealing may not work properly in the cracked part of the pavement.

You have to fix the problem of the ruts if any part of the pavement is rutted. The rutted part of the pavement is the friendly part of rolling and sealing.

Before sealing the pavement, be sure that the entire pavement is even and there are no defects. Do not start sealing in the wet pavement.

How to choose between water and solvent-based sealer?

Basically, There are two types in terms of sealing, where the first one is water-based, and 2nd one is solvent-based paver sealer. The water-based paver sealer works better than the solvent-based paver sealer. So we recommend that you use the water-based sealer.

However, it is up to you whether you use a water- or solvent-based sealer. The benefit of the water-based sealer is that if your pavement is made with a sand joint, then using this will harden the joint more. On the other hand, the solvent-based sealer will darken the stone and help it to glow more if your pavement is made of stones.

Apply paver sealer with a roller

Put the sealer in any bottle or bucket and mix it well. Now take the roller with which you will seal the pavement.

When using the roller, be cautious as it is thick enough. If it is not thick enough, then it will not reach everywhere on the pavement, especially the space between the two bricks or stones, and the pavement will not be even.

Soak the roller in a bucket, then roll it on the pavement. Be sure that the sealing reaches every inner gap in the pavement. After sealing the pavement, stop all of the activity on the pavement and be sure that no traffic movement can happen on it for at least 2-3 hours.


  • Can you apply water sealer with a roller?

If you try to do the job of sealing in the raid way and shorten the time, you are suggested to use the spray, and if there is no hurry, you can seal the pavement with the help of the roller.

  • How many coats of sealer do pavers need?

We know that pavements are porous and can easily absorb liquid material. So at least the double coating is necessary for perfect sealing. Remember to space the 12-24 hours from the first coating to another coating. The double coating will increase the gloss of the paver.

  • How long should you let the paver sealer dry?

Usually, the sealer can let the vehicle move after 24 to 36 hours. The better is if you can dry the pavement as long as you can. The unexpected behavior of nature may extend your time.


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