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How to remove oil stains from driveway? 5 Effective Ways

A driveway gets all kinds of abuses that make it deteriorate faster. Things like elements, such as sunlight, water, snow, and ice, destroy your driveway gradually. Additionally, oil spills can take a toll on your driveway and cause it to look ugly.

Oil spills can find their way to the driveway through a leaking car, spilled oil from the lawnmower, or a snowblower. Regardless of what introduces oil on the driveway, it would be best if you cleaned it up as fast as possible, or you won’t like the patches on the driveway.

Besides, removing oil stains from your driveway is not an uphill task. The key is using suitable substances and tools to clear the different oil stains from the driveway. Some of the things you can use to remove oil are degreaser, baking soda, dish soap, microbial cleaner, and warm water.


How to remove oil stains from driveway

Here are a handful of methods that you can use to get rid of oil stains:

Baking soda

How to remove oil stains from driveway?

One of the usual substances that people use to remove oil from the driveway is baking soda. This is among the readily available products at home.

If you have baking soda, pour some of it on the oil stain and allow it to absorb the oil for about 20 to 30 minutes. Afterward, use a hose to rinse the area and get rid of the oil. If the procedure doesn’t work, repeat by applying more baking soda to the oil stain and wait for half an hour to rinse it again.

Besides, you should also use a wet brush to scrub the area after allowing the baking soda to absorb the oil and spray it with clean water. But if the baking soda doesn’t give you desirable outcomes, you can try other home-based products such as vinegar or vegetable oil. Then, follow the same routine that you did with the baking soda.

You should apply vinegar or vegetable oil to the oil stain and give it some time. Next, use a wet brush to scrub the area and then rinse it with a hose.

Cat litter

How to remove oil stains from driveway?

Another standard product that is used to remove oil stains from the driveway is cat litter. Cat litter is effective because it comprises highly absorbent clay. However, not all cat litter can be used. Don’t use cat litter with perfumes to clump up when they come in contact with moisture. The best cat litter to use is the less expensive ones.

If you have a suitable cat litter and want to use it to remove oil stains, the process is easy. First, apply cat litter on the oil stain and allow to sit for at least 30 minutes. However, if the stain covers a vast area, you should use cat litter on it and allow it to absorb the oil overnight.

After the cat litter has absorbed the oil stain, take a broom and sweep the litter. Afterward, utilize a bristle brush and detergent to scrub it clean. When you’re done, rinse it with water. If the oil stain goes away, you’re good to go. But if it doesn’t, you can repeat the process.

Alternatively, if you don’t have cat litter, you can use other products such as cornmeal or cornstarch. These are also effective in absorbing oil stains.


Poultice for stain remover is another excellent product that you can use to get rid of oil stains on your driveway. Alternatively, you can create a poultice paste in your home if you have sawdust or talc. Grind them into a powder and combine them with a mixture of soap and hot water. Sawdust or talc are used because they are absorbent materials.

After buying poultice or making one in the comfort of your home, you should apply it on the affected spot. Give it some time to soak in the oil stain. The product will then dry, and you can get rid of it. Use a stiff brush to scrape the area clean and dispose of the dirt on the driveway. If the oil stain is still present, repeat the process.

When you’re done removing the oil stain, you can clean the place so that no marks are left behind. The poultice is also perfect for cleaning fresh and stubborn oil stains.

Liquid detergent

If you don’t have any of the above products, you can use liquid detergent to clean oil stains from your driveway. However, it is vital to note that heavy liquid detergent is more effective on concrete driveways than asphalt driveways.  

Take the liquid detergent and apply it to the affected area. After adding the detergent to the oil stain, add water and scrub the area with a stiff brush. Next, rinse the area with a hose and see if the oil has disappeared. If not, repeat the process until there is no oil left on your concrete driveway.

Apart from working perfectly on concrete driveways, you can also use liquid detergent on minor oil stains.


If all the above products have failed to eliminate the oil stains on the driveway, your last resort should be a degreaser. If you have a concrete driveway, try using a concrete cleaner. A degreaser is more effective for removing aggressive oil stains.

Apply the degreaser on the affected area and use a stiff brush to scrub the spot. When you’re done, use a hose to tidy the area. Repeat this procedure if the oil stain is still there. The degreaser is effective because it’s an alkaline soap that loosens up the oil and allows the grime to be rinsed away more quickly.

If you don’t have a degreaser or concrete cleaner, you can also opt for a microbial cleaner to remove the stubborn oil stain. This is also appropriate for removing large stains.


A simple oil spill can make your driveway have patches and look ugly if not cleaned in time. But with the above products, you can quickly get rid of oil stains from your driveway. Use the right product to clean a fresh, minor, or significant oil stain. And if you want to protect your driveway and prolong its lifespan, ensure to seal it with a quality asphalt or concrete sealer.



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