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How to apply paving sealer to block pavers?

Outdoor decoration is part of your plan to make a beautiful house. Among the outdoor design, the homeowners first think about installing a smooth and attractive driveway adjacent to their home that extends the beauty of the house.

There are many ways to install the pavement, like installing it with asphalt, block, or other materials.


Why is block paving so popular?

Among the pavement installation options, most homeowners choose block pavement rather than asphalt, brick, stone, cobbles, mulch, gravel, or wood.

People choose to install the block paver because the way to install a block paver is easier, and the cost is reasonable where the wood paver or stone paver is so high.

The block paving is not only most used in the home ground, but also it is used in the walkways, pool decks, patio, and badminton court.

However, the installation of the block paver is not the last task for you, but also you need to maintain the paver on a regular basis. It is common and necessary to be smooth and attractive.

There are specific procedures to seal the paver. We have discussed this below.

Things to do before applying a block paving sealer

After making the decision to seal the block paving, you need to buy the most reliable sealant on the market. 

Power washing

First, clean all of the areas of the paver with the power wash or the compressed air, which is perfect for you. Power washing is better than compressed air because the latter can remove the dirt but not the spots. On the other hand, the cost of compressed air is higher than the cost of power washing. However, all the spots on the paver should be removed, and all the dirt and debris should be cleared.

If you wash the paver with water, then take the time to dry the paver. Sealing the paver in the rainy season is risky, and you should avoid the time-averse atmosphere.

Apply Sand

Now spread the sand on the joint of the block, but don’t fill the gap with the sand. The sand helps to get the joint stronger and helps to absorb the sealing, as these are porous. But remember, no sand can stay on the surface. Sands on the surface hamper the sealing.

How to apply block paving sealer?

There are two ways of sealing the paver. The first one is the sealing of the paver with the help of the roller, and the last one is with the help of the sprayer. You can do what is perfect and comfortable for you. 

Apply block paving sealer with a roller

When you are ready to seal, pour the sealing liquid into the bucket or pail, then soak the roller in the bottom of the pail so that it gets soaked perfectly.

Roll the roller in the paver as the sealing reaches the bottom of the paver. In some corner spaces, it is tough to roll the roller; in this case, seal the space with the help of the hand brush.

Apply block paving sealer with a Sprayer

If you choose the spray method with the pump spray, then prepare the pump spray with the sealing. It is better to use water-based sealing in the case of using the sealing with the sprayer. People choose the way of spraying because they do not want to frequently soak the roller in the bucket, and it is annoying or tiresome where, in the case of spraying, the sealant can easily reach the spot. The sprayer’s benefit is that it helps reach the seal to all of the paver’s areas, including the paver’s joint.

However, you cannot solely depend on the spray because it is needed to roll the paver after spraying unless the sealing is perfect.

After completing the first coating, let it dry. After the interval, begin to coat the paver for the second time. It is better to coat the paver for the second time.

After the coating is complete, dry the paver for at least 24 hours unless any movement on it will hamper the coating.


  • Is it better to spray or roll the paver sealer?

Most homeowners commonly question whether using the spray or roll paver sealer is better. We recommend spraying rather than rolling and using water-based sealing rather than solvent-based.

  • How many coats of sealant do I need for block paving?

Only one coating is sufficient for perfect sealing. You need to seal the paver with the two coatings.

  • How long does block sealer last?

Never think of that; the sealing of the block is permanent. You have to maintain the paver, as after every two years, you need to seal the paver.


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