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Is crushed Asphalt good for driveways?

In the construction of roads and driveways, the material that is largely used is asphalt. This material is still on the first choice list of construction planners and homeowners for effectiveness and usability. There are various types of asphalt, like original, crushed, milled, and recycled. For the various, the choice of the people also may vary. Different types of asphalt also vary in cost. One of these types is crushed asphalt, which also stays in the first order of the choice list of homeowners. Many people ask whether crushed asphalt is good for driveways or not. Here we tried our best to meet the thirst of their quest.


Pros: Why will you use crushed asphalt in the driveway?

The crushed asphalts are also known to us as “pavement milling,” “recycled asphalt pavement,” and “asphalt milling.” When the old asphalt or used asphalt from the roads, which is already ruined, broken or cracked, or rutted, is recycled and crushed into tiny pieces suitable for the purpose of use in paving and landscaping, and so on. These are also called “crushed asphalt.” 


If we consider the use of it according to the interest of the environment, the use of crushed asphalt is more environmentally friendly.

It will make way for the liquid that will minimize the tension of the user at the time of the flood or heavy snowfall. The road and driveway are made with crushed asphalt bar to the runoff, which causes erosion.


In the usual driveway, the user has to maintain the way in the regular check; even after every five years, the user has to seal the surface. But this asphalt will save you many things, including time, money, and headaches from the extra maintenance.

Affordable Price

The production cost of this material is comparatively less than any other asphalt because it needs less material, resources, and labor. For this reason, the cost of this asphalt is comparatively lower than any other material. The homeowner is more likely to use crushed asphalt because of its lower cost than the original asphalt.

Attractive Appearance

In the normal driveway, you will notice the asphalt is not bonded well enough, and a lot of dirt and dust remain on the surface. With its use, the bonding of the roads will be tough.

If you judge the look of the road made with crushed asphalt, it is not less attractive in comparison to the other roads. Even for this attractive view, many homeowners chose this material.


  • How good is crushed asphalt?

The crushed asphalt is well-enough to use in the roads and driveway because of its various benefits, including efficiency in facing the heavy rail fall, bonding quality, attractive view, and, most important, cost-effectiveness.

  • What type of asphalt is best for your driveways?

Among the various types of asphalt, hot mix asphalt is regarded as one of the best asphalt for driveways. 

  • How long does crushed asphalt last?

Many homeowners want to know about the long storage period of crushed asphalt. The crushed asphalts will last from 20 to 30 years without any reason for maintenance.


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