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How much surface does 5 gallons of driveway sealer cover?

A driveway is a road made by the house owner to park his vehicle from the public road to the garage. It is necessary to determine the amount of sealer needed to cover a driveway. Now, we are going to discuss the ability of a 5-gallon driveway sealer and its sealing costs. We will also discuss the factors that determine the cost of sealing your driveway.How much surface does 5 gallons of driveway sealer cover


How much does a 5-gallon driveway sealer cover?

If you apply 1 gallon of sealer for 2 coats of the driveway, it will cover approximately 50 square feet on average. The first coat is 40 square feet, and the second coat covers 60 square feet.

Suppose you want to coat 100 square feet of driveway. You should use 2 gallons of sealer so that it can cover the entire way. 

 It comes 5 times the 1-gallon sealer’s power. So, you can easily cover about 250 square feet with a 5-gallon driveway sealer.

Even the 5-gallon driveway sealer can cover up to 400 square feet if you use it to make a thinner coating.

So, a 5-gallon sealer is appropriate for completing a larger driveway to accommodate the extended size of vehicles.

How much does a 5-gallon driveway sealer cost?

If you purchase a high-quality 5-gallon driveway sealer, your expense can reach up to $200. The low-quality 5-gallon sealers are available for $40 to $50. You can easily seal your driveway of 500 square feet within this amount. 

Factors determining the cost to seal a driveway

All driveways are not the same. Some people may find it at a lower cost for several reasons.

Sealant type

The type of sealant significantly determines how much you should spend after the driveway sealer.

The lower type of sealant costs $0.06 per square foot. But if you want to apply eco-friendly and high-grade sealant, you should bear the cost of 0.38 per square foot.

So you can easily calculate the total cost of sealing your driveway.

Number of coating

Generally, one or two coats are applied to seal the driveway. If you want to drive heavier vehicles on the driveway, you must apply two coats. In this situation, you have to pay a lot.

Driveway size

The cost of making the driveway is determined according to its length. Most contractors fix the cost of making a driveway according to its size. The cost of making a driveway per square foot is $1.25 to $1.50. So, the short driveway space costs a little money. But if the space must be longer and wider for the larger vehicles, the cost of the driveway can be high.

Driveway shape

This feature is another one that determines how much sealer is necessary for your driveway. The flat and uniform driveway surface requires a comparatively low amount of sealer. All the parts of the driveway have the same length, so you do not need to apply more sealer to any specific place.

The irregularly shaped driveway is so difficult to treat. The irregular parts of the driveway take a larger amount of sealer, so it increases your cost. Some people make irregular shapes of the driveway for entering a large vehicle through a small space.


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